Mansion Crooning now available

Dregs of the Bastard - Mansion Crooning

The creation of this here blog is the result of interest garnered for my musical junkyard, Dregs of the Bastard. Over the past few months I have been recording music for my own sense of gratification and, to my surprise, have accumulated listeners along the way. This has resulted in a collection of songs that I have decided to call MANSION CROONING. Conceptually speaking, these songs are a mixed bag, each created in their own space without the necessity to align them with anything else. The 12 songs on MANSION CROONING are a micro world unto themselves. Together they form a cluster of little worlds that enjoy a tumultuous co-existence. It’s best to view this ‘album’ as the development of a sound – an idea in motion – the conclusion of a starting point. Rather than attempt to describe the sound of my faithful little dregs, I’d suggest you listen to the following:

So… if you like what you’ve heard, you can buy the recording that features these here songs, along with 9 others. This is MANSION CROONING and is the most comprehensive introduction to my musical junkyard. It can be purchased lovingly assembled by me for $10 AUD for those in Australia and for $15 USD for those residing anywhere else. If you’re interested, please paypal the money here: matthewrevert(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Dregs of the Bastard – MANSION CROONING

1. Scorpio
2. I Want More
3. How Do You Spell That One?
4. Hologram Party
5. Piss and Vinegar
6. Epitome of Trust
7. Going Home by Train
8. Something Better
9. I Give My Money To the Richest People
10. Panic Weasel
11. Stasis
12. Total Ruin


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